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I just wish they got rid of all the romances and focused on the characters individually and building friendships between everyone (working together as PACK). I know their target audience is teenagers but that doesn't mean they have to focus on the romance and unnecessarily force it in when everyone is dying/in peril and if they're going to, at least write the romances right and not some half-ass problematic shit they keep portraying as "cute" or worse, as "true love".

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"Not like they ever used her, humiliated her, scared her or pressured her." -- thank you. Seriously. Colton got it and called it out and still - STILL - folks demonize Lydia for the behavior of the men she dates. What crap. And sorry, she and Stiles' relationship is based on so much earned and honest respect, regardless of whether you wish it stayed platonic or grew into a romantic love, I don't see her ever treating Stiles like dirt. They love each other.

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'Can someone tell me why Stydia and Sterek shippers hated each other?' I never really saw the relationship between these two groups as hating each other. It was more like they were rival runners who were racing towards the finish line and both got tripped by an unregistered runner (stalia) who cut in mid race from some random bushes off the sidelines only for them to win and be rewarded despite not putting in as much time or effort in the race.

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"We don't mean Hoech's acting is worse ... In fact, the shift is counterintuitive." My thoughts precisely! Esp. in the scene where Derek scares and goads a newly turned 15 year old werewolf into anger in the locker room and Scott acts like it's the best thing he's ever done. It was gross and unfunny - a dead ringer for the awful way Derek treated his Betas back in Season 2 and this is coming from a massive Derek Stan. The writers don't know, nor do they care for, Derek's emotional development.

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The only cast member that has been officially confirmed for season 5 is Dylan Sprayberry and he was confirmed during SDCC

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"Plus I've heard Hoech & Holland are the only ones not confirmed for s5." but didn't Holland say at sdcc that we'd see more of lydia's story in s5?

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About Hoechlin and Holland leaving: I find myself hoping they kill Derek. Rather he be dead than go on in his current state or run off with whoever that woman is supposed to be. Same for Lydia. I hope they both leave TW behind, find better projects.

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"The only thing that'll make me like Malia is if she's as a manipulative as her dad and is manipulating Stiles all along." here here! If it's revealed that shes as crafty and manipulative as Peter (or more, please more), I'm all ears because /that's/ the Malia I'd been hoping to see from the get go.

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"Honestly, I am a stydia shipper, & tbh I dont want to see stiles in a relationship with anyone really." i'm the same way, and i ship both stydia and sterek. i think if teen wolf gave up their overdone romances and focused more on the character driven storylines, the show would be way more interesting. the romances jeff writes are just so boring. and even though i doubt he could write anything really good at least it would be different then the same old recycled romances.

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Dylan is such a sweetheart. Even if he does or doesn't leave TW, I just hope he has a successful career as an actor. He deserves it.

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Britt Robertson literally just followed Holland. Just thought I’d let people know.



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What even--what is it about Derek's loft that gets the main cast hot and bothered or makes them want to party? It's been the murder scene for at least two people and is constantly under attack. Also, that Scira scene better happen before Lydia appearing at Derek's door or I'll be pissed he's doing date night at DEREK's apartment when Derek's death is up in the air. Course I wouldn't be surprised if they were since this show has 'romance' during the most inappropriate times (ex.eichen house)

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TW is a crime serial with a werewolf pack as the cops. Everything else is window dressing and treated as such. About S1 of Crminal Minds, a critic said that the characters were a collection of broken toys spilled onto the floor. Sound familiar?

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I just thought about it and I realized both Hoechlin & Holland could be leaving this season. With Liam being brought in they could swith aroud the mentor-student plot between Derek/Scott to Scott mentoring Liam instead. & Now if Malia since shes been in some detective scenes w/ stiles (which disgust me btw) she could easily be here just to replace Lydia. Plus I've heard Hoech & Holland are the only ones not confirmed for s5.